Product Portfolio

We action an advanced variety of products, which are in appeal in the market. Our branch is able with top superior machines and we accommodate safe and accomplished with a live action to our workers.
  • Vinyl Bag: Odor free/odorless material
  • Vinyl Bag: Fragrance material
  • Vinyl Bag: Super soft material
  • Vinyl Bag: REACH Compliance (Phthalate Free Certified)
  • Vinyl Bag: LHM material (LHM Certified)
  • Vinyl Bag: Cold Crack Resistance material (Certified)
  • Home Furnishings Bags: For Curtains, Duvets Covers, Napkins, Cushion Covers, Bed Spread, Quilts, Blankets Comforters
  • PVC Bags for Sports Goods: Like balls, racquets, etc
  • Packing Bags for Jewelries bags, bangles
  • Vinyl Table Covers / PVC Table Mats
  • PVC Folders / PVC Book Fold Bags
  • Surgical Dresses & Disposable
  • PEVA bags (80:20 & 50:50 formulation)
  • Promotional bags of export quality
  • PP Box